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The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 by the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal on 30th March 1966 and came into being as a Private Limited Company. The Corporation is wholly owned by the Government of West Bengal. Erstwhile West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd (WBFCL) was a wholly owned Govt. of WB undertaking run by a Managing Director under a Board of Directors with a core group of specialized Engineers and Technical Staff. Subsequently WBFCL had been merged with The State Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd w.e.f. 01.04.2018.

The Corporation in its journey of 50+ Golden years has transformed itself from a mere Government owned Company to a pioneering organisation in the fisheries sector, not only in the State but the country as a whole. The organisation had not only pioneered the scientific culture and the marketing of new high yielding low cost species according to the market demand but also took the role of protecting and enhancing the production of endangered species like Pabda, Koi, Sarputi, etc. Moreover, over the years the Organisation has given people an opportunity to have an exposure to fisheries based Eco tourism and most interestingly took a very important role in the area of "fine and fun dining" encouraging the traditional Bengali fish cuisine by means of using innovative species of its own farm and also dared to make new venture with its new species in multi cuisine restaurants at Nalban Food Park.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation, being a Government Undertaking has a commercial interest but it also has a social and economic relevance to the people of the state too. On one hand, production of new scientific and high yielding low cost species and extinguishing species which can be used as an alternative to traditional high cost species had been implemented by SFDC with an intention for self sustained livelihood for fishermen and to provide high quality animal protein to common people at large. On the social front, SFDC is deliberately attempting to narrow down the social prestige gap amongst the rich, middle class and poor customers in Bengali fish market by providing so called Elite and costly fishes like pabda, koi, chingri, tangra, bhetki, etc. in a lower price range.

But above all SFDC is one of the state government undertaking which has been expanding its Horizon from one sector to another like production, processing (frozen), raw fish marketing (both retail and Wholesale) vending by refrigerated van of raw and frozen fish and fish cuisine (with an intention to popularising new species), fish based Eco tourism and so on.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited is committed to serving people in the coming years with the help and support from all.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited is committed to fulfill the goal of enhancing the production to scale of double within the next five years by means of introduction of new species, use of quality seed and feed and implementation of new technology and science.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited strongly believes that the concept of retail marketing of fish is needed to be updated as per the requirement of generation X. We have already introduced new refrigerated mobile fish vending vans with the smart sleek look which can provide fish to your platter at your doorstep beat and frozen form or fresh. Recently we have also introduced more vehicles and in the following years we are confident to serve the entire Kolkata Metropolis and greater Kolkata by such fish vehicles for providing fish in a hazard free, hygienic and in a less time consuming manner.

SFDC Limited is committed to transfer the new knowledge and technology to the fish farmers of the state by means of demonstration, training and hand holding support. The newly acquired knowledge of the Corporation in respect of species like Silver pompano, Ompak Pabda, Vietnam Koi, Cobia, L vannamei, GIFT Tilapia, Mystus Gulio, etc are being transferred to the local fisherman.

The SFDC Ltd is determined to bring back the glory of "Mache Bhatey Bangali" by upholding the popular fish delicacy using new and low cost substitute species like Pangasius Sutchi in place of Bhetki, Puntius sarana, Vietnam Koi in place of traditional Koi, L Vannamei, in place of tiger or Jumbo shrimp etc. We have introduced a lot of new cuisines like Bhangon macher jhol, Chanos Chanos, Cobia chilly fish, cobia tandoor, gurjaali sorse baata diye jhal, Boyal er sorse begun diye jhal, pompano tandoor and pompano kosha, to name a few.

The Corporation has 21 nos of Fisheries Projects having total effective water area of 748.96 h.a., 24 nos. hatcheries, 2 nos. harbour projects and 9 nos. of Guest House and 8 nos. of restaurants and outlets and 16 nos. vending vans.

Major Works undertaken by the Engineering wing of the Corporation :

  • Coastal Protection Works ( groynes with gabions/ tetra pods at Digha)

  • Design and constructions of Fish landing centre and Harbours at Petuaghat, Shankarpur, Kakdwip, Freserganj, Sultanpur, Mayagoalini, Jaldakhuti.

  • Management of Fishing harbour at Shankarpur and Petuaghat

  • Planning, design and Construction of Fish Seed Markets at Sinhati, Fish Auction Market at Naihati, Bahadurpur, Dubrajpur, Nalban.

  • Dredging at Samudrakhal, Dadanpatrabar Khal, Kakdwip, Mandarmoni Khal, Nayachar Channel.

  • Construction of New Roads and Improvement of Existing Roads at various places.

  • Dredging of Muriganga River at lot No. 8 during Gangasagar Mela for last five years upto 2016 (Client: District Administration, South 24 Parganas)

  •  Design and Construction of Fishery Science Faculty at Chakgaria

  • Design and Constructions of Dry Dock, Ice Plant, Cold Storage at Petuaghat, Nalban, Namkhana, Shankarpur.

  • Excavation of Beels and Ponds – Dal Gangli Beel, Bansdaha Beel, Charcharia Beel, Kapaichandi Beel, Freserganj Fisheries Ponds , Henry A and B, Jamunadighi, Alampur Fishery.

Fisheries Mapping Project Unit

It is a unit under SFDCL to prepare a digital map of waterbodies of West Bengal with an attribute database attached with the respective waterbody. Mapping Project Unit has been working to develop the map of waterbodies in GIS environment. Most of the employees under this unit having GIS (Geographic Information System) & Remote sensing background are being involved here mapping & database related works.

Data Available at Mapping Project Unit: GIS based maps of all water bodies for an area = 335 sq. meter (5 Kattha) in rural areas and for an area = 65 sq. meter (1 Kattha) in municipal areas along with other associated features like Administrative boundary (State, District, Subdivision, Block, GP, Mouza boundary),Continuous waterbody (River,Stream,Canal&Nala), Communication Layer (All Metalled Road, Major Unmetalled road , Railway and culvert) , Marine infrastructure like Harbour, Fish landing centre Habitation is available as on satellite image 2010. GIS based maps of all water bodies along with above mentioned features are being prepared as on satellite image 2016-17 of 6 districts (PurbaMedinipur, Howrah, Nadia, South and North 24 Pgs, Hoogly.