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Schemes under State Plan

Sl.No. Scheme
1 Old Age Pension for Fishermen under Jai Bangla
2 Survey on Hilsa Fishery
3 Acquisition and Management of properties for administrative unit
4 Project on brackish water fish farming ty
5 Assistance to Seed Collectors in Brackish Water Fisheries Sector
6 Introduction of cold chain system & supply of insulated boxes for preservation of fish and fish by-products
7  Introduction of Cold Chain System
8 Distribution of minikits, water conditioner etc., development of social fisheries and integrated fishing
9 Fishing nets and fishery requisites in inland and marine fisheries sector
10 Development of reservoir fisheries, sewage-fed fisheries and air-breathing fish culture
11 State grants to SFDC/WBFC for pisciculture operation
12 Setting up of District Level and State  Level  Laboratories for conducting research activities related to Aquaculture
13 Mechanisation  and improvement of fishing crafta - marine resource survey, sdtandardisation of crafts & gears, training at different centres for operation of  mechanical crafts and gears
14 Grant and managerial subsidy to primary/central fishermen's co-operative societies
15 Construction and management of echo-hatchery, setting up of bundh breeding fish farms and portable hatcheries in different districts of the State
16 Diversified production of fish byproducts
17 Training of fish farmers and unemployed fishermen, holding of fish farmers' field day, educational tour etc.
18 Expansion of extension  wing and rendering extension services including publication of journals and setting up of information units
19 Training of Directorate Officers within the country and abroad
20 Development of infrastructural facilities in inland fishing villages
21 Inland housing
22 Development of Infrastructural facilities in marine fishing villages
23 Minor fishing harbour and fish landing centres 
24  Project for reclamation of beels for enhanced fish production
25  Development of transit and terminal market including retail outlets
26 Economic upliftment of Tribal people through operation of pisciculture development
27 Economic upliftment of Tribal people through operation of pisciculture development - Minor works
28 Socio Economic Upliftment of Tribal People through operation of Pisciculture Dev. Scheme in Tribal Areas by providing dwelling house to the Tribal People
29 Studies on Ecological and Environment Conditions in relation to Fishes and on Different Cultural Methods
30 Operation of Fish Farms for Adaptive Trials of New Technology and Production of Quality Fish Seeds in Govt. Fish Farm
31 Pilot Project for Development of fisheries in Hill Areas of the State (Darjeeling Areas)
32  Scheme under Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (State Share) (RKVY)
33 Infrastructural facilities for Fisheries Programme under RIDF (RIDF)
34 Infrastructure facilities for Fisheries Programme under FIDF
35 Contribution to primary/central fishermen's co-operative societies to avail NCDC assistance (NCDC)