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Resource galore

No other Indian State is topographically blessed with such diversified fishery resources as West Bengal, varying from coastal to cold water aquatic resource within its borders to freshwater resources in the form of, flood plains, beels, boars, wetlands, sewage fed fishery, reservoir fishery, paddy cum fishery and brackishwater areas along with capture fishery in river and sea. It is the only state in India where fishes have been cultivated in every kind of water bodies i.e., freshwater, brackish water, sewage water and marine water as well. The congenial climatic condition coupled with skilled human resources has aided the State in securing the leading position in fish production for several years. The state being the highest fish consumer, the demand for fish is ever increasing.

Fishery resources
1. Inland Sector

Impounded water system
Type of Fishery Resources Area (in lakh ha)
Ponds and Tanks 2.88
Beel & Boar 0.42
Brackish water fishery 0.91
Sewage fed fishery 0.04
Total 4.25

Open water system
Type of Fishery Resources Area (in lakh ha)
Reservoir 0.28
River 1.64
Canal 0.80
Estuarine 1.50
Total 4.22
2. Marine sector

Marine  environment Area
Marine  environment Area
Inshore area (Up to 10 fathom depth): 777 Sq. km
Offshore area (10-40 fathom depth): 1813 Sq. km
Continental shelf (Up to 100- fathom depth): 17049 Sq. km
Coast line 158 km