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Benfish profile

BENFISH is the apex Fishermen's Cooperative Society in the state of West Bengal and has been registered under the West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act in the year 1978. It provides leadership to 19 Central Cooperatives and 206 Primary Fishermen's Cooperative Societies under three tier Cooperative System for strengthening sustainable pisciculture activities in inland and marine fisheries' sectors for increasing fish production and developing value added products. The area of operation is entire State of West Bengal.

The mission adopted is as follows:
1. Promotion of pisciculture through the Cooperative Societies under the aegis of Benfish
2. Providing training and inputs to the fishermen and women for capacity building
3. Promotion of export of fish and fish products
4. Promotion of marketing of ornamental fish through women Self Help Groups
5. Providing common facilities at the fishing harbours like ice plants, cold storages, dry docks, packaging room, auction hall, fuel pump etc.
6. Establishment of cold chain
7. Establishment of fish processing units
8. Promotion of eco-tourism in the different corners of the State.
9. Promotion of fish stalls in different markets of Kolkata and suitable urban consumption centres of the State for sale of fish/ ready to eat & ready to cook items to consumers at reasonable rates.
10. Sale of different fish items like dry, fried and cold through mobile vans
11. Promotion of socio-economic development of fishing community.
12. Implementation of projects approved and sanctioned by the State Government/ RKVY/RIDF/NCDC/NFDB/FIDF for the benefit of the members and common fishermen and women.