State Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd. (SFDC)

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd is a wholly owned Undertaking of the Govt. of West Bengal and is registered under the Companies Act in 1906. It is managed by the Board of Directors, the members of whom are appointed by the Govt. of WB, with the Minister-in-Charge, Fisheries Deptt as the Chairman.

Future Planning

To enhance production it is planned in the forthcoming days that 20% area will be brought under Best Management Practice(BMP) with an average production of 67 M.T./ha/year by introducing of high yield species and using of formulated balanced floating feed.

Present Status and Vision

Core Activities
1) To promote sustainable development in all types of Government farms i.e. freshwater farms and brackish water fisheries and to act as demonstration cum model for the fishermen nearer to those government farms.

2) Whole water body will be brought under scientific culture within a span of 5 years to enhance production to a moderate level of minimum 5.6 M.T /Ha/Crop of IMC,6-8 M.T/ha/Crop of GIFT Tilapia,18-20 M-T/Ha/Crop of Pangasius sps. 6-8 M.T/Ha/Crop of L Vannamei.

3) For diversification of its fields of activities for introduction of some high yield species for increasing the production and productivity of government.


2012-2013 970.47
2013-2014 1132.49
2014-2015 1183.93
2015-2016 1361.94

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