Directorate of Fisheries

The Directorate of Fisheries was setup in the year 1952 as nodal agency in planning development and promotion of pisciculture in the state.With gradual involvement of the Department in diversified activities from the latter part of 1970,the Directorate is the only machinery to execute the policies and programmes of the government. In the field, it has geared up to shape itself to the perspective of present requirements.For years together the Directorate has been trying relentlessly in executing various programmes for development of pisciculture and socio-economic upliftment of the fishermen community coming from the downtrodden section of the society with equal emphasis on research and training activities. Apart from taking necessary measures for bringing more and more areas under pisciculture,the Directorate has been playing very significant role in rendering assistance in modern methods of culture providing technical guidance ,registration of Fishermen's Co-operative societies, development of infrastructure, promotion of export, updating of statistics,creation of database, and networking on Fishery related activities,implementation of relevant Acts,Rules etc.
Achievements :

Key items 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Fish Seed production (Unit : Million) 13846 15002 15890
Fish production (Unit : lakh ton) 14.72 14.90 15.80
a) Inland 12.90 13.38 13.92
b) Marine 1.82 1.52 1.88
Shrimp Production ( Unit : ton) 106886 111654 112815
a) FFDA area development ( Unit in ha) 1024.87 911.28 623.65
b) Jhora fishery ( Unit: in no) 75 83 140
BFDA area development ( Unit in ha) 152.77 71.19 59.34
Export (a) Quantity (in ton) 61709 66941 68852
b) Value (in Rs. Crores) 1734.32 1825.12 3058.66
Old age pension for fishermen (in No.) 7022 7250 7500
Non-tax revenue (Unit : in Rs.) 6299131 5624060 5778219
Employment generation (Unit : Man-day) 19543476 20361817 20915906
Training of Fish Farmers (in no.) 7175 10805 14845
Contribution of SDP (%) 2.64 2.51 2.39

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